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If your a user idea ? Now idea and vodafone merged. Idea and vodafone is the telecom giant operators in india formed as vodafone idea limited this is a beat foe airtel.

 Now days these telecom operators are giving stunning offers to the users. Also you can read
 Airtel SIM Number Check USSD CODE from this blog.
If you are forgot your own mobile number ? Every people forgot their phone number because to remember your new number take 2 or more week , am i right ?

You wanted to share your number with your girlfriend or your friends Idea USSD CODE  may help you share your number. Here giving two ussd code for check your number , first ussd code not working use try second  ussd code.

Check Idea Phone Number Using USSD CODE

The best way to know your own mobile number use the SIM USSD CODE. Every SIM operators giving this service to its users. Advantages of USSD CODE is it no internet connection for this service also balance it is free service to the users.

Paste this above to your device dail pad and just dail you can get you number and other details of your SIM.


*121*4# OR *131*1# OR *121*4*1*5# OR *1#

In this post a bonus information to you. 

Use My Idea app and know your other details of your SIM. 

How To Use My Idea App

  1. Download My Idea app from google play store or appstore
  2. After installing this app sign up with your phone number and verify with otp
  3. In the home page of this app you can get Internet data pack validity , Talk time balance , SIM Validity , Bill payment ,  Recharge , TV , MUSIC etc...
  4. Some time you can get Idea voucher ( free internet , caller tune , cashback etc..)
  5. Also you can get the customer care number of idea 
This USSD CODE works for all states in india 

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